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Posts around our van conversion 'Biggie Small' including what, and why we made certain decisions in our van build. Vanlife tips and functionality that makes our lives easier.

Living in a van with dogs

Living vanlife with dogs

We are currently living across Europe and Asia fulltime with our two Welsh rescue dogs Rory and Jeannie. Having got them Irish pet passports post Brexit (more details here). In this post we'll be sharing some of our...

Fixed bed vs dinette van layout for van conversion

Fixed bed vs dinette van layouts

When it comes to planning your van conversion or motorhome there are lots of options when it comes to layouts. One of the biggest choices is often the bed and dining area. Hopefully, this content will help you make a...

Vanlife Conversions Review - The Road Two Spoons

Vanlife Conversions review - building Biggie Small

This post is about our experience working with Vanlife Conversions, and how we went from an empty panel van to an offgrid tiny home on wheels. Vanlife Conversions are a small, independently owned company based in Essex,...

The Road Two Spoons Van Tour Video - Vanlife Conversions

Our van tour video from Vanlife Conversions

Introducing our van, Biggie Small. Oli and Emily from Vanlife Conversions filmed this van tour video prior to handing the van over to us at the end of the build. Our van Biggie Small started life as a Peugeot Boxer L4 H3...

Electrify - The Road Two Spoons

Introducing Electrify

Electrify is a free online tool that we designed and developed in order to try and help people planning future van...

Our van conversion electrical setup

Our van build electrical system

One of the biggest considerations when building a van conversion is the electrical system. Everyone will have different...

All terrain van tyres BFG KO2

All Terrain Tyres for Vanlife

When we first ordered our van from Peugeot we had originally specified that it to ship with 16" Peugeot alloy wheels. On...

Peugeot Boxer L4 H3 or Promaster Van

Why we chose the Peugeot Boxer

In early 2020 we decided to bite the bullet and go for a dramatic upsize. After hundreds of hours online, on Instagram,...

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