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Plan your van conversion electrical usage and battery capacity

Getting started with Electrify

Are you planning a van conversion? or are already in the build phase? At some point you will have to tackle the electrical calculations and install. We've partnered up with Vanlife Conversions to provide this free tool for sizing your power requirements. Electrify allows you to easily choose from a list of preset products, or add your own products and see the effects on your battery size, whether you are using an AGM or Lithium setup.

To use Electrify simply select which items you want to include in your van build and then change the quantities and how many hours a day you expect to run them to see the totals at the bottom of the page.

You can learn more about Electrify and why we built it on our blog.

Accessories and Gadgets
Battery charging

Solar panels are calculated at 50% efficiency based on average Uk daylight hours over a 12 month period

Drawn lightning bolt in blue

Daily Power Out

0.00Watt hours (Wh)
0.00Amp hours (Ah)

Daily Power In

0.00Watt hours (Wh)
0.00Amp hours (Ah)
Van battery
Desired battery capacity

The below information shows an estimate of how many days your battery(s) will last, based on your selections and usage above.

Days usage
Days usage

AGM battery figures are calculated using 50% max discharge rate and Lithium/LiFePO4 at 100%.


Products via an inverter - We have added an additional 10% to the shown watts to compensate for the inefficiency of using an inverter, this is also included in custom products. This is for items such as laptop chargers and high-power items like hairdryers.  

Fridges - Power consumption is calculated at 33% of the shown watts due to the average compressor run times. The compressor run time will vary depending on the ambient temperature, you should set the fridge to be running for 24 hours.

Variable Power - Some products like heaters have variable power outputs depending on their settings and do not run continuously at their maximum output. We have therefore calculated heaters using 50% of their displayed power outputs in this tool.

Please note that all values above are based on product averages and actual watts will vary depending on your exact chosen appliances or manufacturer. You can see the assigned watts and voltage next to each item or customise your own.

Electrify is a collaboration between The Road Two Spoons and Vanlife Conversions

Vanlife Conversions

Vanlife Conversions Ltd is a veteran-owned conversion company based in Essex, UK. Oli and Emily specialise in turning large panel vans like Sprinters, Boxers, Relays etc into luxury and homely campervans, crafted to suit anyone's travelling needs. We commissioned Vanlife Conversions to bring our latest van Biggie Small to life. Checkout Vanlife Conversions on Instagram.

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We wanted to create an intuitive and more visual way to help estimate power usage and battery capacities for your future van conversion. Electrify works across a variety of devices and is all web based. No excel required here! We're always looking to improve and so any feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or message us via Instagram.

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