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Vanlife and conversion consultations

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Are you dreaming of a life on the open road, where every sunrise brings a new adventure? Vanlife might be the perfect lifestyle for you, and we're here to make your dream a reality. With our personalised guidance, we will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, preferences, and budget. We tailor our advice to ensure your vanlife experience is everything you've imagined.

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As a couple of digital nomads who love travel we are really keen to take our tiny home to warmer beach locations, and even colder mountain climates. During 2022 we focussed on making a lot of changes to our lives to enable us to travel fulltime sustainably. We now live, work and travel fulltime in our van.

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Are you planning a van conversion? or are already in the build phase? At some point you will have to tackle the electrical calculations and install. We've partnered up with Vanlife Conversions to provide this free tool for sizing your power requirements. Electrify allows you to easily choose from a list of preset products, or add your own products and see the effects on your battery size, whether you are using an AGM or Lithium setup.

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Vanlife Blog

All terrain van tyres BFG KO2

All Terrain Tyres for Vanlife

When we first ordered our van from Peugeot we had originally specified that it to ship with 16" Peugeot alloy wheels. On arrival, the wheels were missing and instead of refusing the delivery we took a credit from Peugeot...

Our van conversion electrical setup

Our van build electrical system

One of the biggest considerations when building a van conversion is the electrical system. Everyone will have different requirements and needs but we wanted to share some of the components that make up our electrical...

Van build mistakes and changes we'd make

What we'd change in our van conversion, 18 months in

After living in our van conversion for 18 months, we've come up with some general conclusions on what mistakes we made during the van build, some annoyances and also bits that we would change today, or will change in...

EU Pet Passports in 2022

Getting EU Pet Passports Post Brexit

Travelling with dogs can bring lots of additional logistics and planning to trips. Where and how you park, the weather and different laws for different places. Our first stop in Ireland was to get the girls EU Pet...

The Ultimate Vanlife Guide & FAQs

The ultimate vanlife FAQs

Answers to the most popular questions we see and receive about vanlife. From the logistics of living in a van to costs...

The best apps for vanlife, motorhomes and overlanding

The best apps for vanlife

Vanlife has become far more accessible over the last few years and with the mass adoption of smartphones and good...

Living in a van with dogs

Living vanlife with dogs

We are currently living across Europe and Asia fulltime with our two Welsh rescue dogs Rory and Jeannie. Having got them...

The best internet for vanlife and digital nomads

The best internet for vanlife and digital nomads

After travelling, living and working in in our van fulltine for over a year we think we've finally find the best...

Working as digital nomads and living in a van

Working from the van as digital nomads

Living and working from the van full time can have its challenges but they are massively outweighed by the benefits of...

An iPhone 15 Pro, A Starlink Router, A ZTE MU5120 Router

Mobile Hotspot vs MiFi vs Starlink for Vanlife

We're always searching for the best ways to stay connected to the internet whilst travelling and working from our van....

Fixed bed vs dinette van layout for van conversion

Fixed bed vs dinette van layouts

When it comes to planning your van conversion or motorhome there are lots of options when it comes to layouts. One of...

Clean, Safe, Purified water for Vanlife

How we get safe drinking water living on the road

Water is such an important commodity when living off grid in a van, motorhome or any form of overlander. When moving...

Travelling to Europe by van or motorhome

Travelling to Europe by van or motorhome

Travelling to Europe and beyond with your van or motorhome can be a daunting task the first time you do it. Rest assured...

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