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Vanlife and Conversion Consultations

Unlock the freedom of vanlife with our expert consultation service!

Are you dreaming of a life on the open road, where every sunrise brings a new adventure? Vanlife might be the perfect lifestyle for you, and we're here to make your dream a reality. With our personalised guidance, we will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, preferences, and budget. We tailor our advice to ensure your vanlife experience is everything you've imagined.

Perhaps you are thinking about converting your own van, commissioning a build or leaping into full time vanlife but don't know where to start. We can offer video consultations and Q&A sessions to help you make the best decisions for you and to help you plan for your future.

The sessions can be as loose or as structured as you like. We can discuss ideas on base vans and specifications or even just discuss the real day to day experiences from living in a van - what we've found works, and what doesn't.

If you are looking for independent advice on van conversions or specifications prior to making a purchase of your own we'll run through builds and features, and ensure it suits your lifestyle.

We have years of experience with campervans from our original VW T4 to our current fully off grid home on wheels. Our clients are typically interested in making the jump into fulltime vanlife or are in the process of researching and investing in a new van or motorhome and want support in highlighting and understanding what their priorities should be.

Vanlife Consultations in Fuerteventura

Vanlife in Fuerteventura

You're in the right place if you're:
- Planning a van conversion
- Building your own van
- Want to commission a custom build
- Are looking to purchase a pre-built conversion or coachbuild van/motorhome
- Want to understand the reality of living and travelling full time on the road
- Want independent, impartial advice with no upselling or hidden agenda

Vanlife in Türkiye

Our home on wheels in Türkiye

Why speak to us?
Before living in the van we were living the standard 9-5 bricks and mortar lifestyle. We both worked fulltime and were living in South Wales soaking up the beach lifestyle. We stayed in Wales happily for nearly 6 years before selling up, downsizing and hitting the road. We first decided to go fulltime after meeting with other vanlifers at events and meet ups in the UK.

People would ask us, why don't you just go fulltime? After thinking long and hard about it we couldn't come up with any feasible reason why we couldn't and within a year of the decision we'd sold our house, our possessions, both found new jobs and begun travelling on our own terms. We've since reinvested our house sale money into a rental property and have left the UK to travel Europe and beyond. We're now enjoying a totally unique kind of lifestyle as we work and travel with our two rescue dogs.

What's the cost?
Vanlife consultations are available for £45 per hour. Typically, a thorough consultations take 2 hours depending on the type of content. We use Google Meet for our video consultations which will work from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Your journey begins here!
Embark on a life-changing adventure with the peace of mind that comes from thorough planning. Our consultation service is your key to a successful and enjoyable vanlife experience.

Drop us a message via the contact form below or on Instagram to arrange yours today.

Vanlife in Lanzarote

Vanlife in Lanzarote

Testimonials & reviews

Feedback and reviews from some of our clients 👇

'Working with Jess and Marcus has been a complete life-saver! I am completely new and clueless about vans (other than having the burning desire to live in one!). I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. They helped me go through the many ads, get really clear on what I needed and wanted from a van. They also checked tech specs and were able to share so much wisdom and insight about actually living in a van that I would never have had without them. They got really invested in my hunt for a van and it was so supportive having someone to share this process with. I cannot recommend working with them more highly. It’s like having a very experienced and wise set of friends by your side helping you with this all important investment. Thanks so much guys!'

'Jess & Marcus were super approachable, knowledgeable and very patient while we went through our many, many questions about van conversions! We went from pure overwhelm to understanding the logistics behind each part of our van build. They made it really comfortable and easy to ask questions and sent over a load of really useful information after our consultation too which has been invaluable. We can’t wait to put the information to good use.'
Mollie & Fleur  

'When we had our consultation with TheRoadTwoSpoons, they were extremely friendly and amazingly helpful. Whatever our questions were, from selecting a van, to the build, and even van life, they had great knowledge and experience as well as being very patient with anything we didn’t understand at first. After the consultation they provided us with links to anything we discussed and anything that they thought may be helpful. They were very welcoming to future questions if there was anything we forgot to ask and felt genuinely interested and invested in our project. Both Jess and Marcus were lovely to speak to and overall the consultation was a massive help! We are very excited for our journey ahead and can’t thank Jess and Marcus enough for relieving our anxieties and giving us a place to start! Thank you both very much :)'
Jordan & Jack

'We’d 100% recommend that anyone curious or serious about van life speak to Marcus and Jess. They’re lovely, extremely helpful and have years of real life experience of camper vans that they’re very open about sharing. They patiently answered all our questions in a two hour call, and have continued to offer advice and support afterwards. You can really feel that they’re invested in you making the choices and creating the life, that is right for you. They’ve been there too, and it’s wonderful to have them by your side as you navigate van life!'
Zoe & James

'I can't thank Jess and Marcus enough for the incredible insight and guidance they provided during our consultation. If you're seeking wisdom from van lifers who are truly living the full-time van life, look no further. They're not only a super nice, down-to-earth couple, but their knowledge on all things related to van life is astounding. Especially when it comes to travelling in Europe from the UK! During our call, they patiently and expertly addressed all my questions and concerns. They went above and beyond, helping me discover more cost-effective alternatives for items I was planning to purchase. In the end, they not only shared their wealth of experience but also saved me money, making the call exceptionally valuable. Their consultancy services are a must for anyone considering or already embarking on the van life journey. Jess and Marcus don't just provide advice; they offer a friendly, supportive hand to guide you through the intricacies of van life. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for practical and reliable van life guidance.'
Jon Brooks

'Having Marcus and Jess on hand to hold our hands and guide us offering solid advice based on what we need to do to enable our campervan to deliver for our nomadic adventurous lifestyle was quite simply amazing, reassuring and knowledgeable based on their wealth of experience. Without their help, advice and support we definitely would not have the amazing campervan we have today.'
Martyn & Emma

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