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Our vanlife adventure. Posts about our travels and our van conversion which we live in full time as digital nomads.

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, Türkiye

Paragliding in Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a small beachside resort just outside of Fethiye in the South West of Türkiye. Oludeniz is famous for its paragliding, stunning turquoise waters and hiking along the Lycian way. We spent a week here in the...

Crossing the border from Greece into Türkiye by van

Crossing the border from Greece into Türkiye by van

Türkiye (formally Turkey) is an excellent country for vanlifers to explore for up to 3 months outside of the Schengen zone. Coming from Greece we found a peaceful parkup about 10 miles away from the border, we got left...

Vanlife in Meteora, Northern Greece

Vanlife in Meteora

Meteora in North Greece is an absolutely incredible place to visit in the van. The mix of amazing geology and delicately perched monasteries and nunneries upon columns of rock will leave you speechless. We stayed for 6...

The Ultimate Vanlife Guide & FAQs

The ultimate vanlife FAQs

Answers to the most popular questions we see and receive about vanlife. From the logistics of living in a van to costs and how we find places to park. We've tried to answer the main questions to help you on your path to...

Working as digital nomads and living in a van

Working from the van as digital nomads

Living and working from the van full time can have its challenges but they are massively outweighed by the benefits of...

EU Pet Passports in 2022

Getting EU Pet Passports Post Brexit

Travelling with dogs can bring lots of additional logistics and planning to trips. Where and how you park, the weather...

Organic, Sustainable Van Life T-Shirts Clothing from The Road Two Spoons

Sustainable clothing range for van life

We're super excited to share our new line of sustainable, organic van life t-shirts. Designed by van lifers, for van...

Van Garage Tour for Fulltime Vanlife

Van garage tour for fulltime vanlife

We've put together a video showing off the garage setup on our van conversion Biggie Small. Our van is a L4 H3 Peugeot...

The Road Two Spoons Van Tour - YouTube

Peugeot Boxer L4 H3 Van Tour

Biggie Small is a L4 H3 Peugeot Boxer, at the time of shooting this van tour we've had the van for 18 months and been...

Living in a van with dogs

Living vanlife with dogs

We are currently living across Europe and Asia fulltime with our two Welsh rescue dogs Rory and Jeannie. Having got them...

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