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Van Build Water Systems

Van build water systems


If you're planning a van conversion then you'll need to decide on what type of water system you want to install. There are 3 primary ways to manage water inside your Campervan, depending on your requirements and the complexity of the build. There may also be iterations of the below systems to allow for heating or recirculating elements.

Under the sink:
A simple under sink solution which involves 2 removable containers. One container will act as your fresh water, the second container will be for your grey waste (sink drain). With this system you’ll get water to your tap via a 12v submersible pump. Consider how big these containers will be, as you’ll need to be able to add or remove them from your van once they are full. 1l of water = 1kg.

Internal water tank:
An internal tank system. Typically found inside the garage area of a Campervan. This allows you to store more water onboard, whilst also keeping your plumbing internal to the van. You can use an onboard tank system with an external inlet for filling, or fill from within the van. Consider access to the inlet, drainage and allowing for an air vent for the tank. You can use this system with an undersink or external grey waste system

External water tank:
An external tank system. Typically these are large preformed water tanks made specifically for the chassis of a vehicle. You’ll find these from multiple different manufacturers for all shapes and sizes of van. We recommend insulating these tanks and including a 12v heating element to help reduce the chances of your tanks freezing when living in cold climates. When using external water tanks you would normally have 1 for your fresh water and another one to collect your grey waste. 

Parts to consider for your water installation

  • Water inlet / fill point
  • Water drainage point (fresh and grey) 
  • Water tank
  • Tank air vent
  • Water level meter (in tank) 
  • Water level display (in van) 
  • Shut off / isolating valve
  • Inline water filter
  • Water pump
  • Accumulator / Expansion tank 
  • Water heater 
  • Sink mixer tap
  • Internal shower
  • Bullfinch external shower point
  • Drainage valve 
  • Food grade hose 
  • For external plumbing: Armaflex pipe insulation
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