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Real Vanlife Q&A - Asking 5 surprise questions each

Real Vanlife Q&A - Asking 5 surprise questions each


In this vanlife Q&A video we both ask each other 5 questions relating to vanlife which are only revealed during the one take filming.

1. Where would you like to go in the van that you haven’t already been to? What is your dream van life destination?
2. What is the hardest or most challenging part of living in a van?
3. Do you wish you’d done vanlife sooner?
4. How often do you shower?
5. Do you wish we would meet more people on the road or travel with people more?

1. What is the worst thing about living in a van?
2. What has been your favourite experience or memory since moving into the van full time?
3. Would you do vanlife solo?
4. Do you have any regrets about moving into the van?
5. If you could take the van anywhere in the world, where would it be?

At the end of the video, we also answer some of your own questions which were submitted on our Instagram.

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