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UK Campervan, Van and Motorhome Insurance

UK Campervan and Motorhome Insurance


You've got the keys to your new motorhome or campervan and you're ready to hit the road, well, not quite. Firstly you'll need to make sure you've got the correct insurance in place. Unlike standard cars, not all vans are created equal, especially with self converted vans and campers. You won't be able to chuck your reg into a comparison website and get a realistic insurance quote. We've compiled a list of UK insurers and some notes between insurance types for you to try for your own van or motorhome.

List of UK Campervan and Motorhome insurers (alphabetical)

1. Admiral
2. Adrian Flux
3. Aviva
4. Brentacre
5. Caravan Guard
6. Caravan and Motorhome Club
7. Caravanwise
8. Howden (Formally Aplan)
9. Club care
10. Comfort
11. Just Kampers
12. LV
13. Lexham
14. Safeguard
15. Saga
16. Staveley Head
17. Sterling

Comprehensive Insurance:

Coverage: This all-encompassing insurance covers damages to your own campervan and any damage you might cause to other vehicles or property, including theft and fire damage.

Ideal for Comparing When: You have a high-value campervan or frequently embark on long trips.

Example: If you’re exploring the Lake District and have an accident, comprehensive insurance ensures both your campervan and any third-party damages are covered.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft:

Coverage: This policy covers damages to others caused by you, theft of your campervan, and fire damage, but not damages to your own vehicle in at-fault accidents.

Ideal for Comparing When: You own an older campervan or use it less frequently but still require significant risk protection.

Example: If your campervan is stolen while parked in Cornwall, this insurance covers the loss, but not self-inflicted damages like a dented door.

Third-Party Only:

Coverage: The most basic insurance, covering damages to other vehicles and property in accidents where you’re at fault.

Ideal for Comparing When: You’re on a tight budget or own a lower-value campervan that’s seldom used.

Example: In a minor parking mishap in Brighton, this insurance would cover the other vehicle’s repairs, but not your own campervan’s scratches.

Key Features and Add-Ons to Consider:

Breakdown Cover:

Benefits: Offers assistance ranging from roadside repairs to towing, crucial for long journeys or regular use.

Example: If you face a breakdown on the M1, this cover ensures help is at hand to get your campervan back on the road.

European Cover:

Benefits: Provides coverage when traveling in Europe, aligning with different countries’ regulations.

Example: During a tour through France, this cover acts like your UK insurance, covering minor accidents abroad.

Contents Insurance:

Benefits: Protects personal belongings inside your campervan, such as electronics or outdoor gear.

Example: If someone breaks into your campervan and steals your hiking equipment, contents insurance covers the loss.

Windscreen Cover:

Benefits: Covers windscreen damage, which is common and can be expensive to repair.

Example: A chipped windscreen from a flying stone in Scotland would be covered under this policy.

Legal Expenses Cover:

Benefits: Assists with legal costs in case of disputes following an accident.

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