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ZTE MU5120 Mobile 5G Router

The best 4G and 5G mobile router for your campervan

After running multiple 4G and 5G mobile routers to provide a permanent a WiFi connection in our campervan, we’ve eventually settled on the ZTE MU5120. After running various models from Huawei, ZTE and Motorhome WiFi (with and without external antennas) we firmly believe the hunt is over.

The ZTE MU5120 is a 3G/4G and 5G capable mobile router which contains its own battery, charges from a 12v USB C connection and takes a physical SIM card. This model contains a Snapdragon X62 chipset which is capable of 4.0 GBp/s 5G download and 660Mbps upload speeds. This chipset is the same as found in some other high end (and more expensive) mobile routers.

At the time of writing we’ve been using this model for a year across Europe, whilst living and working in our van full time. Paired with the unlimited data EU roaming SIM from ConnectPls we’ve had a fantastic experience with it.

We’ve had no issues with signal or connection with this router as a standalone product. The previous model we used was the ZTE MU5001 which also had TS9 connections if you wanted to use it in parallel with an external aerial system. We found that due to compatibility issues, the router tended to function better without any external aerials/antenna attached.

If you’re looking for an easy to use WiFi solution with great performance against the current mobile networks and technology for your motorhome or campervan then we really rate this product.

- Connects to 5G networks for improved speeds and lower latency.
- Large battery for using off charge.
- 12v charging.
- Automatically authenticates to the correct network when swapping SIMs.
- Built in data monitoring and alerts (if required).
- Works all over Europe

- Initial cost of £280-300 which could be deemed as expensive depending on your use.
- The provided USB to Ethernet adapter provides slower speeds than via WiFi if you need a hardwired connection.

*The above information is based on our own experiences using this product, which we purchased for retail price from a UK supplier.

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