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Visting Nazaré, Portugal with a campervan or motorhome

Planning a trip to Nazaré, Portugal


If you're planning on visiting the big waves at Nazaré in Portugal with your campervan or motorhome. We've got you covered with the intel you need to make the most of your trip. Nazaré has become a popular destination for big wave surfers due to the Nazaré Canyon, which amplifies the ocean’s energy and produces massive swells. The town has hosted numerous international surfing competitions and several world records for the largest wave ever surfed have been set in Nazaré. The Nazaré underwater canyon is 140 miles long and has a maximum depth of 16,000 feet.

The big wave season in Nazaré, Portugal, is roughly between October and March, the Portuguese winter season. The size of the waves then depends on multiple factors, such as winds, tides, and storms. Each yearly big wave surfing season usually has 1 to 6 big swells. The best time for the exceptional waves is in the winter months, from December to February when the largest swells are most likely to occur in Nazaré.

The main two places to view the big waves are on the cliffs at Farol da Nazaré and also Praia do Norte at beach level. We really liked the view and perspective from the cliff above Farol da Nazaré. With the end of the headland in front of you, walk up to the left away from Praia do Norte, this is the angle which is the main image for the post.

You can take a look at the conditions and waves in real-time by visiting the Nazare Waves website and checking their live webcams.

Farol da Nazaré
Big waves at Nazaré

When it comes to parking or staying overnight in your van or motorhome in Nazare there are a couple of suggested locations on Park4night. We used this location and spent a peaceful night with several other vans during our visit in November. This parking had great access to the main cliff viewpoint and was a quick walk. It's in a residential area and was very peaceful overnight.

Another location which is frequented by vans is just next to Parque Atlântico, you'll easily see the spot if you look on satellite view, it's a little further back from the beach and likely more sheltered if you're visiting in bad weather.

Cliffs above Nazaré
Big waves at Nazaré
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