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Camping Permit for Gran Canaria

How to get camping permits in Gran Canaria


If you plan to bring your van, motorhome or tent to Gran Canaria then you'll need to obtain camping permits to gain access to some of the best locations on the island! As UK nationals, we initially found it difficult to find information on how to register, and how to book camping permits for the national park on Gran Canaria. Hopefully, the below information will get you setup and ready to explore some of the most beautiful locations in the Canary Islands.

If like us, you’ll want to head straight into the mountains to experience the best of Gran Canaria. Obtaining the permissions and permit to use the free camping areas is a straightforward process and can be done entirely online. You don’t need to go to any government buildings or offices in person in order to register.

As a foreign national, obtaining your camping permit is done in 3 parts.

1. You register yourself as a user on the kc.Gran Canaria website.

2. You request permission to access the camping booking system.

3. You book the camping locations online.

Cloud inversions on Gran Canaria
Sunset in the mountains of Gran Canaria

Step 1 is a simple process and takes only a couple of minutes.

For step 2, the permissions website is currently not working for non-Spanish nationals so you have to manually send a request via email to have your account activated.

To do this send an email to: oiac@grancanaria.com from the email address you registered with. You can use the template below.

Hi, We are looking to gain permission to access the camping booking system but the online application is not currently working. Please see below our details to activate the account. Name: XXX Email: XXX Phone: XXX Vehicle Registration: XXX Please also find a copy of our Passport attached in PDF format. Many thanks,

Once you have confirmation that your account is activated you now have access to the booking system. On the booking system you’ll find information on each of the camping areas, the facilities available and also the general availability.

When you make your booking online you’ll receive a PDF confirmation which can be used to show the rangers during your stay.

Most importantly, enjoy your stay in these beautiful locations, and please respect your neighbours and the natural environment to ensure these services can be enjoyed by many more in the future.

Van camping in Gran Canaria

Van camping in Gran Canaria

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